Replacement parts

PEUGEOT offers you a choice of 2 replacement part ranges. Depending on your needs and your budget, you can choose between Genuine Peugeot Parts and Peugeot Approved Parts.

Genuine Peugeot parts

The servicing of your vehicle is crucial to keep it in peak condition. Our experts have a range of parts that are 100% identical to those used on new vehicles.

These guarantee:

  • better performance,
  • enhanced value of your vehicle
  • your safety on all trips.

By choosing original parts, you’ll benefit from :

  • Original quality
  • Authenticity
  • Peace of mind

The parts are made to manufacturer standards, and to the same specification as parts fitted to new cars. They are available across the PEUGEOT network.

Peugeot approved parts

If your PEUGEOT’s warranty is over and you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, our experts will be able to advise you on the PEUGEOT Approved Parts range, which will allow you to keep costs down without having to compromise on quality.