Get all the advantages of a full warranty when you buy a new PEUGEOT, with manufacturing, paintwork and perforation defects all covered. PEUGEOT even goes beyond legal warranty obligations in certain circumstances. The work covered by these warranties is carried out free of charge by professionals in the PEUGEOT network.

Warranties included with purchase of your Peugeot

DIAGNOSTICS: Coverage of defective parts, except parts that are subject to normal wear and tear (e.g. brake pads)

PAINTWORK: Covers defects in the paintwork or lacquer on the original bodywork

PERFORATION: Covers perforation defects, such as corrosion of the bodywork from the inside to the outside

Our promise to you

We’ll put it right for free.

Naturally, we recommend that you take your PEUGEOT to one of our authorized repair centers for any work it needs. That’s the best way to make sure it gets first-rate attention from PEUGEOT-trained technicians, who’ll only use genuine PEUGEOT parts.
It also means your PEUGEOT Warranty will remain valid for its full duration.
Talk to your local PEUGEOT retailer to find out exactly what your PEUGEOT Vehicle Warranty covers.